Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to re-establish true value of a business to the society. We believe in our "SUCCESS" model:

Suppliers should be treated fairly
Users should enjoy high standard of product quality
Craftsmen should be supported. (at the end of the day the world still needs some handmade items)
Customers should enjoy high standard of service quality
Employees should share reasonable portion of company's profit
Society should be benefited by corporate social responsibility (CSR) in both monetary and non-monetary form
Shareholders can improve living standard by investing in business, WITHOUT exploiting the above stakeholders

We guarantee

At least 10% of profit goes to staff in monetary form
At least 10% of profit goes to needy people
At least 10% of profit goes to church
100% satisfaction - Exchange / Full Refund if you are not satisfied


Leviticus 19:9-10 "And when you get in the grain from your land, do not let all the grain be cut from the edges of the field, or take up what has been dropped on the earth after the getting in of the grain. And do not take all the grapes from your vine-garden, or the fruit dropped on the earth; let the poor man, and the man from another country, have these: I am the Lord your God."

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